Long & Delis provides aggressive business and commercial litigation representation to clients throughout California.  When a dispute arises, we work with our individual and corporate clients to assess a dispute’s potential legal merits and exposure and identify available outcome options.

Long & Delis recognizes that not every business conflict should be resolved in court. Often the best business outcome involves a quick resolution before significant litigation commences. Our business litigators are skilled in alternative dispute resolution, which we use regularly to amicably resolve business and commercial conflicts.  We understand that negotiation, mediation or arbitration may be more cost-effective in bringing about the best outcomes for our business and commercial clients.

Counsel and Representation in Business Disputes

Long & Delis assists individuals and companies in a wide variety of business disputes including the following:

  • Contract interference, disputes and litigation
  • Business fraud and deceptive business practices
  • Commission disputes
  • Commercial and professional collections
  • Partnership disputes and shareholder litigation
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Unfair competition claims
  • Alternative dispute resolution